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TitleThe Quick Guide
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The Quick Guide...

MMA Live (Version 5) Program Updates Are Done!

Ready to go!  Follow the System and Build Massive Residual Income!

Our MMLive (Version 5) is ready for MA Capital and our 1-2-3 automated system is complete!  We can now easily run someone’s numbers and sign them up to purchase the product with a credit card while offering them the new amazing MMLive Version 5!  You can sell it outright for $3,500.00 and earn a $1,400.00 commission or sell the subscription plan for $199.00 down (covers activation and the first month, $49.99 per month after cancel anytime) and earn $100.00 commission.  The $49.99 monthly charge will equate to 25 BV each and every month towards your back end residual income.  Our plan as a group is to sell a minimum of 2 a month and recruit 2 agents that will do the same.  If you follow this simple formula, you will potentially be earning over $100,000.00 residual income within 6 months just on the back end.  If you build 3 centers and duplicate these numbers, you will be well over $300,000.00/year in residual income.
The key to our success relies on you sharing this concept and program to at least 3 people a week and following the steps I put together to the tee.  Remember, systems are duplicatable not people.  Follow the 10 steps below and you will have great success.  This is an exciting time and one we want to embrace immediately.  Go out and sign someone up this weekend and earn yourself a few hundred dollars!

System for Building Your MACapital Business with our MMLive Program.

Share your story and just push play --- Do Not Sell Just Expose/Share!

10 easy duplicatable steps to close every sale / tell your story and push play

1. Introduction
· Share your 30 Second Commercial
· Share your story (be a product of the product – share with passion).
· Ask The Three Questions *(see questions below).

2. Set an Appointment with prospect (1 hr.)
· VIA webinar (long distance)
· or Live (local)
· Make sure Spouse is present

3. Qualify the client right away with the 1-2-3. (Q: what’s your number-theme)
· By using your replicated website.
· Please note “your site name” is the name you chose when you setup your replicated website using the instructions below.

4. Show Ken Tucker’s video (this will explain program and show MMLive)
Note: Just push play so we teach duplication

5. Show the 13 minute video on MMLive Version 5 (only if client needs more info on product)

6. Repeat your story again explaining:
· All the savings–money you are keeping vs. the banks –converting Debt to Wealth.
· How easy it is to use – your main banking station –everything in one place
· The benefits and value – less stress, coach/guide, goals, what you’re doing w/$

7. Review the 1-2-3 analysis with all the savings.
· Ask if their financial life would be different.
· Ask what they would do with the extra money.
· Repeat The Three Questions *(see questions below).

8. Close the sale.
- Would you now want to trade $50 for $300 or whatever their situation showed?
- It doesn’t cost anything to do this… but it costs $ ___ NOT TO DO IT.-
- Which Option do you want – the 30 yr. plan or the 12 yr. plan?
- $200,000.00 going to a bank or $200,000.00 for your family?
- Convert Debt to Wealth or go deeper into Debt?

9. See if they want to share in the mission / crusade.
· Show them what an extra $100 - $200 does to their plan.
· Show how a $200 value becomes $20,000 in saved interest and years
· Show them how to earn residual income with the income calculator
Go to
· Ask if they can tell their story and just press play like you just did in this presentation.

10. Everything you do has to be duplicatable.
Remember, if you make 2 sales each month and recruit 2 people to do the same each month, your potential will be at a $100,000.00 plus residual income within 6 months!

Note: * The Three Questions:
1 - Do you want to get out of debt sooner or later?
2 - If your bank could take you from 30 yrs down to 12 yrs without changing your payment, would you get excited?
3 - Would you trade $50.00 to save $300.00?

Exposure is your key to success.  We can never control results but we can control behavior and change behavior.  If you expose this to just 1 person a day / 3 days a week --part time work (doing the right behavior), you will share with 12 people a month.  Can you close 2 of them?  I believe you will close 50% w/ this presentation, our MMALive (V-5) and low investment of $49.99 month.

Teach 2 to do the same each month and you will be on your way to 100k in residual income within 6 months.  Follow the steps, teach the steps and lead by example.  Remember, people are not duplicatable but systems are --- follow the proven system.

Additional Resources:

Before you begin:
Make sure your MA Capital 1-2-3 Replicated Site is setup.
1. Log into your Market America Unfranchise Backoffice.
2. Click on the "maCapital Resources" link in the left hand menu bar and Click on "Login".
3. Click on the “Resources” tab and then Click on the “Replicated Website” section.
4. Enter the name in the box for your replicated website and press SAVE.
5. Your new replicated website address will be :
6. Set the options you would like for your website.  We suggest “showing the analysis” when run and also leaving the monthly option as default.

Video Links.
1. Ken Tucker’s Video:
2. Compensation Video:
3. 13 minute Video: Capital Video:

Additional Trainings or Webinars:
Go to our Team Site:
Questions: E-Mail -  Patrick Talley -


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The Quick Guide
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